straight people are so weird every time two queer people are near each other theyre like ARE YOU DATING and everytime a boy and a girl are near each other theyre like ARE YOU DATING and every time two genderless void creatures from The Beyond are near each other theyre like ARE Y



ahh because i promised i’d post a few WIPs.  my process is really very simplistic and basic so i apologize, there isn’t really much to show.  just toss a lotta colors on one layer so they pick up from the colors around em and keep refining it?  idk, i don’t even refine much HAH.  how to attention span, idefk.

this one was the first painting i finished in…. a very, very long time.  another one where i pushed my style and color choices, although it’s just a bust i think that altho i stayed safe w the actual image, it helped me get over my Art Anxieties and focus on exploring my painting style…

sorry to reblog stuff from a few months ago, i’m reminding myself that I Fucking Love Experimenting.

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if you dont like me please dont pretend to like me ever


neferpitou is important to me 

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revamped some old doodles because I don’t have anything new thanks to school ∠(:3 」click for captions

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i tried to sing it but failed im so sorry 

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ahaha yeah,