when the test question says “describe what’s happening in the picture” but the picture be like






here he is. the new meme

a challenger approaches

who will win…. and who will epic fail? stay tuned

What the fuck happened here

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I'm confused as to what is happening in Scotland? What's this about?


ok so basically we had a referendum vote to see if we wanted independence
for a while it was really close and people were pretty much 50/50 on the decision
the votes came in at about 45% for yes and 55% for no
there was a lot of media bias by the bbc for the no campaign tbh
and nows there a few videos of whats to be believed people rigging the vote

now in glasgow unionists are rioting and targeting yes voters and doing nazi salutes and burning saltires
theres a chance it could escalate and spread to other towns as well
basically look at the stuff we’re reblogging and try educating yourself and please signal boost what is happening!!

天文部のアスヒくん!\(* ’ w ’ *)/

gonna get into a bunch of games and series and stuff this weekend but first…Homework


definitely hi! he’s really loud and optimistic all the time and has little sense of shame so he’d be like IN YOUR FACE boom pow HAHAHA (my oc’s name is hi if you might be confused i regret naming him this